Marine Diesel Engine

600PS / 2000RPM

Configuration 4 CYCLE IN-LINE
Max Power/RPM PS/PRM 600PS/2000RPM(500PS,600PS)
No. of Cylinder 6
Bore x Stroke mm 130 x 160
Displacement cc 12,742
Compression ratio 17.2:1
Fuel Injection ECU Injection
Aspiration Turbocharged with After Cooling
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption g/ps.h 159
L/h 104.11
Lubrication Oil API CLASS "CC" "CD" SAE10w/40
Lubrication System Forced Lubricating with Gear Pump
Cooling system Fresh Water Cooling with Cent. Pump
Starting system Electric Starting (DC24V)
Fuel Injection pump Electric Unit Injection
Lub. Oil Consumption g/ps.h 0.95
Flywheel Housing SAE #14
Flywheel SAE #1
Reduction Gear Model DMT240H
Reduction Gear Ratio 1.50-3.40
Dimensions (mm)
(With R/G)
Length 2130
Width 920
Height 1308
Dry Weight kg 1710